Common Cold Prevention: 5 Ways To Prevent The Common Cold

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Did you know what the most common illness in humans is? That’s right, it’s the common cold! This is mainly because of how easily it spreads from one person to another. Even the tiniest droplets of mucus in the air can be carriers of the common cold. What’s more, more than 200 different viruses can cause cold symptoms. 

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to *completely* prevent the spread of colds. However, there are some steps you can take to reduce your chances of getting infected. Let’s break them down for you: 

Keep Washing Your Hands

Hands are one of the most common agents for colds. Keep washing your hands regularly to make sure that you get rid of any viruses or bacteria that could possibly infect you down the line. 

Do Not Touch Your Face

If it’s the season for colds, you need to take extra precaution beyond just washing your hands. Try your best to not touch your face at all. You can never be sure of having scrubbed off the microbes. 

Do Not Smoke

Smoking irritates your breathing canal, making it more susceptible to infections. By smoking, you are weakening your resistance to colds. Avoiding it will help your breathing canal stay active in its fight against infections. 

Use Paper Towels

Replace your cloth towels with some paper towels. Bacteria and viruses tend to thrive in damp environments, and can end up living on your cloth towels for a significant amount of time. 

Use Disposable Items

If anyone in your family has already been infected, you need to make sure that most of the items they regularly use are disposable. Disposable cups, plates, and other similar items are what you need to give them. Furthermore, make sure that any tissues they use are disposed of immediately. 

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