4 Symptoms Of Heat-And-Cold Intolerance

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Stress is now a major part of life. A huge symptom of both heat and cold sensitivity is that the body is under extreme stress and duress. This stress causes the body to take drastic measures to return the temperature back to normal. While exposed to short-term stress, the body displays signs of heating up. But long-term stress can eventually lead to one feeling too cold. Therefore stress is a major symptom of heat and cold intolerance.


Too hot to enjoy the summer and too cold to enjoy the winter? A lot of people who are intolerant to these temperature extremes can feel uncomfortable engaging with summer and winter seasons. This can lead to depression and anxiety as the person is left out of most activities. They can overheat in summers and freeze in winters, so they feel lethargic for most days.

Pain when exposed to high and low temperatures

Temperature sensitive people seem to have a low threshold for pain. One may feel pain simply from having some sunshine on their skin for a few minutes. This is especially true for people suffering from fibromyalgia who have been discovered to have extra temperature sensors in their skin. 


Did you know that your body temperature drops when you fall asleep? It rises back up again when you are awake. People who are extremely temperature-sensitive may have a harder time trying to fall asleep when their body reacts very strongly to temperature changes. This keeps them awake most of the time and induces insomnia.

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