3 Causes Of An Air Hunger Feeling

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Ever felt like you’re suddenly unable to get enough air into your lungs – having a tightness in your chest, even if you’re not exerting yourself physically. You might feel the urge to repeatedly yawn and sigh, which will ease your symptoms temporarily. But it’s not the solution!

While people can often mistake these symptoms for the onset of a cardiac condition or asthma, the cause might be something different: Air Hunger. In this article, we break down 3 Causes Of An Air Hunger Feeling:

Low Blood Pressure

If your blood pressure is on the lower side (you should measure it), you might be fighting for some extra breath. The reason behind this phenomenon is the amount of oxygen your body cells receive. In a situation where your blood pressure has dropped, the oxygen might not be getting to your cells as quickly as they need it.

Hence, the cells might be screaming for some extra oxygen, which will lead to air hunger and you gasping for more. 

Panic Attacks

Anxiety attacks can cause a fair amount of air hunger. A panic attack makes your heart beat faster, while also making your muscles constrict.

This especially includes the muscles around your lungs, while also tightening the muscles all around your body. The constriction puts a greater strain on your muscles, making your body look for some extra air and oxygen. While it does subside and take its effects with it, a panic attack can be quite scary.


Breathing irregularities from allergic reactions are a cause of air hunger feelings. They might be caused due to some stress or damage to your respiratory system.

This stress could very well be caused by allergens that disturb your respiratory wall, decreasing your oxygen absorption and leaving you searching for more. 

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