4 Causes Of An Abnormal Odor In Urine

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From a young age, we were all told to drink at least 7 glasses of water a day. There is a lot of truth behind that advice as a lack of water can have an adverse effect on our bodies. The less water you drink, the more concentrated your urine becomes. This can lead to your pee becoming dark yellow or even brown with a foul smell.

Undiagnosed diabetes

If your pee accompanies a saccharine smell, you might have diabetes. Diabetics cannot process sugar properly which means that the body rids of the sugar by simply passing out the extra through urine. In worse cases, diabetics need to pee more frequently than other people as the bladder can be irritated by the sugar. 

Food choices

We react very strongly to what we put into our bodies. The change in the smell of your pee can definitely be caused by certain foods. For example, an ammonia-like odour can be caused by consuming asparagus, while garlic and onions will, as one expects, give a sulfuric hint of odour to the pee. However, food-induced odours are generally harmless and will pass away with little or moderate consumption of those food items.

Urinary Tract Infection

If smell isn’t the only thing unusual about your urine, you might have an infection. A UTI or a Urinary Tract Infection is when bacteria gets into your urinary system and multiply in the bladder. While foul odour is one of the biggest symptoms, it also turns the urine bloody or cloudy and can cause a burning sensation when you pee.

Excessive coffee

Who doesn’t love coffee? It can give you the extra push you need to get your daily tasks done. However too much coffee can cause an abnormal smell. There are certain compounds left over after your body has broken down the coffee, the by-products of which then make their way to your pee. Coffee is also a diuretic, something that can cause a lot of urination, so this drink can be particularly dehydrating. 

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