4 Symptoms Of Exercise Intolerance

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Shortness of breath

Do you gasp for air after completing a seemingly simple task? People affected by exercise intolerance run out of breath quicker than those who are not. They usually get tired while doing tasks that may not seem as energy-intensive to onlookers but those tasks take up most of their energy. 

Muscle Cramps

Muscle Cramps are quite a common consequence of exercise. However, people with exercise intolerance may suffer from certain musculoskeletal or nerve conditions that make them more likely to get muscular cramps than other people. 

Fainting During Exercise

With excessive physical exertion, the body can lose consciousness. While anyone is susceptible to fainting after intense physical strain, it is likelier for those suffering from exercise intolerance. As the body moves to accommodate for more physical stress, the heart is unable to keep up with and compensate for the oxygen being used. This lack of oxygen can induce fainting. 

Depression And Lethargy

People suffering from exercise intolerance find physical exertion extremely difficult. Laborious tasks may induce a feeling of depression that causes them to become lethargic. Consequently, the feelings of depression that accompany exercise intolerance lead to a greater aversion to exercise, thus making the problem worse.  In addition to this, exercise intolerant people feel a greater degree of fatigue associated with exercise than normal.

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