4 Common Types of Infectious Diseases

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  • Influenza

Perhaps the most famous of all infectious diseases, the flu is something you can contract multiple times in a year. The infection takes place after you inhale the virus. Hence, anyone with influenza is advised to cover their mouth and nose whenever they are in public. 

  • Chickenpox

This viral disease is well-known for being quite a nuisance at least once in a person’s life. Characterized by itchy zits or boils all over the body, this disease rarely occurs twice as the body builds a strong immunity to it after experiencing it once. 

  • Common Cold

Perhaps even more common that the flu is the common cold. The common cold is far milder than influenza, but it is also harder to avoid. New strains of the virus take form each year, resulting in a very high infection rate.


One of the scariest infectious diseases in the world, HIV/AIDS has become highly common because of its modes of infection. However, there are a number of ways to protect yourself from it, and special care needs to be taken to avoid it as much as possible. 

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