Client Self-Assessment for Health Coaches to Use

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What is the client self-assessment? 

The client self-assessment is a survey that measures the clients’ level of wellness in three areas: nutrition, fitness, health habits, and body wisdom. 

Purpose of the client self-assessment.

The purpose of the client self-assessment is to learn which health-related areas – based on the results – need improvement. 

How to use the client self-assessment.

Early in the coaching cycle, clients should take the self-assessment. Together, the coach and client review the results, noticing which area(s) need improvement. When the coach and client agree upon which area to address, the coach proceeds to help the client set goals in that area and eliminate obstacles, per the universal coaching model. 

  1. The client takes the self-assessment
  2. Coach and client agree which area to address
  3. Proceed with coaching according to the universal coaching model and health coach knowledge

Example #1

The client needs help with getting proper nutrition and overeating. 

Outcome specification reveals a goal to eat a balanced diet and not overeat. 

The coach teaches the client the naturally slender eating strategy and helps to implement it. 

Blurb about it!