Coronavirus is No Match Against a Healthy Immune System

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Coronavirus and the immune system – references and resources at the bottom of this page.

There’s a lot of talk and even more fear of the coronavirus because, at present, there is no viable medical treatment, vaccine, or cure.

However, do not forget that your most effective defense is your own healthy immune system. The human immune system destroys foreign cells. The coronavirus does not stand much of a chance to harm you when you have such defenses in place.

Johns Hopkins acknowledges that the human immune system is the model for defeating diseases like cancer.

We have always believed that if we could harness the power of the immune system, no cancer could survive.

Harnessing the Power of the Immune System

Your Immune System

  • Regularly kills cancer cells
  • Destroys infections 24/7
  • Eliminates all manner of viruses
  • Remains vigilant to expel all foreign invaders

Let’s not downplay the coronavirus or ignore the public health precautions. However, we should focus on boosting the immune system as primary protection.

And here’s another thing to consider. Stress taxes the immune system. Fearing the virus is counterproductive. Emotional health is inseparable from physical health!

Again, check references at the bottom of this post.

Focus on the Following Emotions

There is no more important time to remain positive. It’s crucial that we do. Let’s cultivate the following emotions in order to protect and boost our immune systems:

Compassion – let’s send our healing intentions and empathy toward those who have been compromised by the coronavirus.

Hope – we can allow ourselves to hope for progress and timely recovery from this international incident.

Gratitude – Let’s be thankful for everything we’ve taken for granted during our busy lives. Now that we’re socially distanced and mostly at home, let us step back and count our blessings.

Optimism – There’s no more appropriate time to practice optimism. Pessimism is stressful. Optimism encourages energy and enthusiasm, which are 100% appropriate during this time.

Humility – we never know when life will take a turn toward trials. So much is out of our control. It’s humbling. Let it be so.

Even as I write this post as an attempt to be helpful, I do not know my own future. I can’t say that these words will ring true for anyone in particular. I might even offend people in spite of my good intentions. I am not in control of so many things.

I feel humbled, yes. Still, I believe these words may be useful to some. I hope so.

Evidence and Resources

What follows is scientific evidence of the immune-boosting effects of positive emotions, as well as resources to help you increase immunity. You probably don’t need them. If your immune system is healthy, then just avoid compromising it with stress, bad food, and exposure.

That’s it. You don’t necessarily benefit from adding knowledge or supplements. That’s the main point! Relax and enjoy your life while practicing compassion for those whose lives have been disrupted.

Your healthy immune system will take care of you whether or not you learn more or do anything extracurricular. And that’s the source of hope we need to remember.

References and Resources

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Dr. David Hamilton discusses the positive effects of kindness on the immune system.

The Immune System Cure (book) is a 30-Day program to boost the immune system naturally.

Immunity Boost is a highly-rated immune-boosting supplement that contains 17 natural immune boosters.

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