4 Home Remedies for Edema

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The first and foremost remedy that you have to explore is movement of the joint or body part where the edema is situated. Movement can cause the excess lymph to move around and disperse elsewhere inside your body. 


If movement does not work, you can always try to force the lymph’s movement away in different directions by massaging the particular body part. Massaging helps you add some more movement and guide the lymph away from where it is collected. You will probably have to massage the area a number of times. 

Reduced Salt Intake

Having salt inside your body increases fluid retention. Hence, salt can cause your edema to worsen and bother you longer than usual. Discuss reducing your salt intake with your physician and follow the guide they create for you. Make sure you do not jump into reducing salt intake too much, as an electrolyte imbalance can prove quite harmful. 


This particular remedy applies for edema in limbs. To remove the excess lymph from the limbs, you might have to wear clothes or bands that compress and apply pressure onto the limbs. The pressure causes the lymph to disperse and move out. 

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