4 Causes of Excessive Menstruation

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  • Polyps

Polyps are benign growths that can occur without warning on the uterine wall. However, while they are not life-threatening or dangerous for the body on their own, they do cause issues with menstruation. Having polyps inside the uterine wall can result in excessive bleeding, which can turn dangerous if left unchecked. 

  • Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalances can result from various issues ranging from excessive stress to anxiety. Hormonal imbalances in either estrogen or progesterone lead to an uneven development of the endometrium wall. This weakens the wall and results in excessive bleeding during menstruation. 

  • Cancer

Cancer is another common cause for excessive menstruation. Cancer of the uterus or the cervical area leads to excessive cell division and growth. The increased growth disturbs the uterine wall and hampers its development. The weakened wall takes longer to develop and plays a major role in excessive menstruation. 

  • Ovary Dysfunction

By far the most common of all causes for excessive menstruation, a dysfunctional ovary is a culprit that is difficult to deal with but easy to track. If the ovaries don’t release an ovum, the uterus walls will immediately break down without being properly fortified by hormones. This will cause excessive bleeding. 

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