5 Alarming Effects of Hypoglycemia On Your Body

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Hypoglycemia, often called low blood sugar, is a drop in blood sugar levels until it reaches below normal. People who are experiencing Hypoglycemia go through a range of symptoms like loss of consciousness, trouble talking, clumsiness, confusion, seizures or even death. A feeling of shakiness, sweating and weakness and hunger is also common.
In this article, we break down 5 Alarming Effects Of Hypoglycemia On Your Body:


Glucose is your body’s fuel. It is what each cell inside you breaks down to get energy in a process called respiration. Hence, if the glucose levels inside your body fall, your cells will not get ample energy to do the tasks they are programmed to do. The result of this will be fatigue and weakness, which you will feel until you replenish your glucose levels.


You might have noticed some of your elders being quite irritable when they are hungry. It isn’t exactly their fault. The brain decides to send needy impulses throughout the body when it is low on glucose. Hence, you could make others irritated around you if your blood glucose falls.


If your blood glucose stays low for an extended period of time, you might end up with a confused state of mind. It will be hard to comprehend everything around you, and you could make mistakes doing normal, daily tasks
Passing Out

This happens when your blood glucose is perilously low. Once your brain can’t function properly anymore due to the lack of glucose, it is going to take a reflex action and put you to sleep.


Low blood sugar means impaired brain activity. A common result of that is an increase in anxiety. You might find yourself more anxious and jumpy than you were before.

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