5 Ways To Cure A Suppressed Appetite

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Have A Realistic Meal Schedule

A healthy meal plan is essential for the proper functioning of mind and body. Make sure your meal schedule is not so rigid that it puts you off from eating all together. Plan it so it can adjust to your daily activities. A lot of people with low appetites often forget to eat. Fortunately, there are many apps that remind you to eat while tracking your daily caloric requirements. Alternatively, you can use sticky notes or get a friend to remind you to eat. Meal time tables can give you the extra push you need to be motivated to eat again.

Eat Right

Have you been eating right? Poor nutrition can be the culprit for your low appetite. Digestive enzymes such as lactase, pepsin and alpha amylase can improve this situation. The older we grow, the less of these enzymes are produced. This can lead to many health issues. A diet full of processed foods, unhealthy fats, refined sugars and salt will inevitably lead to a crashing appetite as not enough nutrients are provided to produce digestive enzymes. So make sure your diet is full of fulfilling, nutritious food. For any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact a qualified dietician. 

Make Sure You Are Hydrated

It is well known that 60% of the human body comprises water. Is it any surprise that its quantity affects our appetite? Dehydration is a major cause of sudden appetite loss. Make sure you are drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. You can even add lemon or mint to make it a more refreshing experience. Similarly, you can have smoothies or even soup. Else you can have green tea, fruit or vegetable juices, milkshakes, porridge and so on. When it comes to hydration— there are a sundry of choices!

Try Light Exercises

Exercise can either increase or suppress your appetite. Intense exercises can burn many calories and suppress appetite-increasing hormones, but light to moderate exercises can help stimulate hunger. Therefore you should avoid heavy exercises and try going for a walk or a light jog. You may feel cravings start to kick in soon. 

Take supplements 

If all else fails, there are many supplements on the market to get you going again! For this cure, you may want to consult with a doctor first so you can determine if you have nutritional deficiencies. Zinc deficiency, for example, has been known to affect one’s appetite negatively. Similarly, magnesium, vitamin B-12, and thiamine deficiencies can have that effect too. 

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