4 Causes Of Metallic Taste In Your Mouth

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Bad Oral Hygiene

Sometimes confusing problems have a simple cause. A metallic taste in your mouth might be an indication that you have been neglectful of your oral hygiene. The less regularly your mouth is cleaned, the more likely it is to collect bacteria that lead to inflammation and the metallic taste you have been experiencing. In this case, a dental check-up is in order for you. 

Exposure To Toxic Metals

We are exposed to many different elements in our day-to-day life. However, being around certain toxic metals such as zinc, mercury and lead can produce toxicity in the body. A metallic taste might be a symptom of more serious problems in this instance. One should examine if they have been around or consumed any toxic metals, for example: it is not uncommon to be exposed to mercury via seafood or dust contaminated with lead while working at an old building. Contact a doctor if the metallic taste is coupled with other unusual symptoms.


It is common knowledge that taste and smell are connected. When one is affected, the other is too. Anything that causes congestion and the accumulation of mucus: common cold, ear and respiratory infections, sinusitis and so on are plausible culprits for the metallic taste. Not only does the mucus end up on the tongue during infections, the congestion also interferes with the sensory pathways to taste. Once the infection is cured, the metallic taste also usually wanes away. 

Vitamins And Medication:

There are over 300 drugs linked to giving a metallic taste as a side effect. These range from antibiotics to antihistamines, many heart medications have also been reported to give their users a metallic taste. This is because a lot of medications contain metals that are secreted along with saliva. Zinc-based lozenges to treat colds, iron and calcium supplements, multivitamins containing chromium, copper and zinc, and prenatal vitamins can all cause this symptom. You may have taken one dose too many, you might have to wait for your body to digest what you ingested. 

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