Stress Management: Stress Outlets for your Everyday Healthy Lifestyle

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Stress causes inflammation, which is the primary underlying cause of all disease. But it doesn’t stop there.

Chronic stress and lead to higher anxiety and depression. Interestingly, lack of motivation is another symptom of stress.

What to do? Here’s a list!

Try essential oils, especially those that reduce inflammation. Aromatherapy is soothing. It will whisk the stress right out of your day.

You must make time for yourself! Think radical self-care because most of us – men and women alike – simply do not take care of ourselves.

Learn to say no. A good no thank you when you’re asked to do something you don’t have time to do or invited somewhere you don’t want to go – now that’s a relief! No. No? No!

Saying no is magical. Poof! All gone:)

Get out of bad relationships. Or fix them. Whatever works, do it! Bad relationships are a killer. Talk about chronic stress!

Stop eating sugar. I know you believe you are the exception to the sugar blues but – well – you are definitely NOT an exception. You are subject to the rules of nature and in the case of table sugar, Mother Nature is quite upset. Added sugar will kill you. But before then, it will stress and depress you.

Blurb about it!