5 Potential Causes of Face Swelling

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  1. Cellulitis

Skin infections are one of the most common causes of face swelling. One prominent infection is caused by cellulitis, a bacterium that seeps in through broken skin and causes swelling in the face. 

2. Allergic Reaction

One of the body’s most prominent reactions to any allergen is facial swelling. Allergies cause the face to puff up due to the immune system’s increased activity in response to the allergic reaction. 

3. Surgery

This potential cause of face swelling isn’t discussed often since it means that the surgery was not completely safe for the patient. Bacteria and viruses invading the body through surgical procedures is incredibly common, and does cause face swelling. 

4. Medicinal Side Effects

Medicines have all kinds of side effects and one of them happens to be face swelling. While it does seem to be a rather extreme side effect, it does happen quite often, with the lymph nodes becoming more active due to the medicine. 

5. Hormonal Disturbances

Hormonal disturbances, such as thyroid issues, can cause lymph node blockage and swelling throughout the body. The hormonal disturbances can also result in facial swelling due to an overactive lymph and blood circulatory system. 

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