4 Causes Of Chronic Shivering

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Psychosomatic Disorders

Our lives are beginning to get more stressful, and with this stress comes anxiety. Psychosomatic Disorders are ones caused by psychological factors instead of neurological ones. They can also cause movement disorders such as shaking and spasms. Tremors are one of the major symptoms associated with this set of disorders. The shaking can occur while the sufferer is resting but also while they are moving.

Parkinson’s disease

This disease is associated with shaking and tremors. It advances with age. The shaking in this instance, starts in one of the limbs and can progress to the entire body. The tremors heavily affect the daily routine of those suffering from Parkinson’s as it inhibits their use of everyday items such spoons and can attract unwanted attention. 


A butterfly-shaped gland in our neck regulates our body temperature. This gland is called the thyroid. When your thyroid is underactive, it makes your body more sensitive to the cold. Hypothyroidism is also accompanied by a weak memory, muscle pain and puffy face. A blood test is the most common way to diagnose it.

Intense exercise

Some people cannot stop shivering after great physical exertion. This may be due to the sudden temperature change in their bodies that make them more susceptible to shaking. Dehydration and extreme temperatures for exercise can increase the intensity of these episodes.  

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