5 Ways to Prevent Foot Odor

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  • Dry Your Shoes

The sweat inside your shoes is bound to stick if you keep them in a damp place between usage. If you want to get rid of the sweat, make sure you dry the shoes before you wear them the next time. 

  • Wash the Shoes Regularly

Every now and then you will have to wash your shoes thoroughly. Make sure that the insoles are properly cleaned, since store a lot of the sweat you release. 

  • Medicated Foot Powder

If the foot odor does not go away with some simple cleaning, you might have to go a step further and treat it with some medicated foot powder. The powder will help revitalize the skin on your feet while getting rid of the attached sweat. 

  • Deodorant on the Feet

While this step won’t keep your feet from sweating, it is going to help keep the odor away. Just apply deodorant on your feet before you put some socks on, and enjoy odor-free feet when you take them off. 

  • Sweat Resistant Socks

A lot of foot odor comes from sweat stored in socks. Rather than allowing the socks to store the sweat, get yourself some sweat resistant socks rather than the regular cotton ones. 

Blurb about it!